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OxPros is the fastest growing independent Office Supply Company in California.

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Empowered Employees

Our employees have always been empowered to make decisions that greatly enhance their work and their career. It is this philosophy, along with an unyielding dedication to customer service, that truly has made OxPros a true success story and truly a unique place to work.

OxPros Careers

Everyday isn’t so much like a work day as it is an MBA crash course. At OxPros, you’ll gain valuable and highly marketable skills in every aspect of business management from sales, marketing, and developing a staff to customer service and accounting. Yet, we’re not all business all the time. OxPros is also a tight knit culture, where great people really enjoy each other’s company both in and outside of the workplace.

Your hard work is appreciated

You want to be recognized for all your hard work. At OxPros, recognition goes far beyond great earnings.

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Enjoy Life

We want you to succeed in life as much as we want you to succeed in business. Our benefits package is one way we’re able to show we mean it.

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Self expression. Award-winning customer service. Open communication.
Personal recognition, performance based rewards.

It’s all part of the basic structure that makes up OxPros. By empowering employees to act as individuals and entrepreneurs, we are upholding the very principles that our founder Michael Bushman set forth when he started his own personal enterprise back in 1998. He and his small team of employees didn’t talk about core values. They simply lived them.

Today, we ask that all employees let our founding values guide their way as they define and expand on their personal enterprise.

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