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It’s all part of the basic structure that makes up OxPros. By empowering employees to act as individuals and entrepreneurs, we are upholding the very principles that our founders set forth when they started the venture back in 1998. This small team of leaders and visionaries did not talk about core values, they simply lived them.

Today, we expect that all employees let our founding values guide their way as they define and expand on their personal ventures.

The OxPros Way

A tight grasp on our core values throughout the years has allowed us to earn an exceptional reputation in the industry and in our local communities. Every day at OxPros, we set out to fulfill these values.

Cherish the Client

We measure our success by our client’s success and enable them to achieve sustainable value. We stand by them every step of the way and seek to earn their loyalty and trust.

Operate as a Team

We operate as a single unit in order to increase efficiency and productivity. We create think tanks that allow us to improve our practices and modernize our approach.

Live to Serve

We work tirelessly to improve the quality of our service in order to remain unsurpassed by our competition. Our long-term vision guides our short-term decision making.

Demonstrate Perseverance

The world changes and we can’t stop it. By pushing to be the best versions of ourselves every day, we are able to create, innovate & adapt to market changes in order to remain top performers in our industry.

Create Value

We create value throughout our entire supply chain by holding ourselves to the highest standards and delivering on our commitments.

Fulfill High Performance Standards

We work to maintain our high performance ranking through continuous improvements in short and long terms strategies, innovative marketing, and streamlined logistical services.

Respect the Community

We respect the communities that we operate in and give back by being of service to others. We believe we can help make the world a better place.
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