Get Your Breakroom Goodies at OxPros

A well-stocked breakroom is essential to the well-being of your colleagues and visitors. A clean and well-stocked breakroom provides comfort to all who spend time at your office. Being able to grab a quick cup of coffee, a snack, or a bottle of water brings the basic comforts of home to the office at once boosting productivity and streamlining efficiency.

The Benefits of a Well-Stocked Breakroom

  • Keep employees at the office: With healthy snacks (or chocolate) and caffeine across the hall, employees are more inclined to stay put and spend more productive hours at the office. Employees tend to appreciate dollars saved on morning coffee plus the convenience of having simple comforts closeby.
  • Welcome guests the right way:It is always an added bonus to be able to extend refreshments to visiting guests and customers. It may be a small gesture, but this kind of attention to detail often goes a long way.
  • Boost office productivity: More time spent in the office typically translates to more overall productivity. Plus happier employees means happier customers.

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