Inventory Management

Although one of the lowest items on the priority list, office supplies are necessary for all businesses. Not having a spare printer cartridge on-hand can cause downtime for an entire department. Understanding the economy and the difficulty for companies to assign personnel to keep track of key items; we have launched a program for qualifying clients. Benefits:
  • Free-service
  • Purchases will be analyzed for items ordered consistently that should be kept on-hand.
  • Inventory room/closet will be maintained by our Field CSR.
  • Client controls the ordering. (As a safeguard, our Field CSR will not place orders without client authorization.)
  • Based upon preset criteria, our Field CSR will take inventory and re-arrange items on a routine schedule (typically every 2 weeks).
  • An additional contact that is knowledgeable in streamlining processes and product applications.

What is a Field CSR?

A Field CSR is simply a Customer Service Representative. The CSR will be able to make viable product suggestions when necessary and maintain your supply inventory to free up your personnel. Basically, our Field CSR’s are an extension of your business, but on OxPros payroll.

Customer service is their focus as well as their strong suit. They are not compensated to sell; so you will never be pressured to make additional purchases. Suggestions will only be made when necessary with the efficiency of the office in mind.

Once assigned a Field CSR, you will work with the same person each and every time to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your inventory.

What’s even better, our Field CSR will be able to make recommendations on best business practices as it pertains to business products and office efficiency, as they will be assisting other clients across various industries daily.